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Karl M. Campbell (
Date:4/3/2018 5:15:31 PM
Subject:Rhein Main '67

Correction to my last post. Bill Campbell played on the '67 team wearing #61 Center.


Ronald Dick (
Date:1/29/2018 5:06:16 PM
Subject:Played USAFE Football 1976 - 1983


Walt Allen also told me about the USAFE Football reunions and the web site! Walt and I were team mates at Ramstein, Walt was there from 1976 to 1979. Then across the football field from each other, I was at Upper-Heyford and Walt showed up at Bentwaters. Another gentlemen that was opponent and team mate was Frank Martin.

I to enjoyed playing USAFE football, it was another sports life after High School. I was stationed in Europe from June 1976 through December 1984, played USAFE Football, also power lifted and wrestled.

Ramstein Rams W - L # 76 and # 77 OT / Center one year / Snapped long and short snaps.
1976 HC - Phil Kinyon 3 - 6 Bitburg game canceled
1977 HC - Wilber Carey 3 - 6 Spangdahlem game canceled
1978 HC - Albert Woods 5 - 5
1979 HC - Jack Pietila 7 - 4 CSC playoff, lost 21-7 to Sembach
1980 HC - Jack Pietila 3 - 7

Upper-Heyford Sky KIngs W - L - T # 77 OT / Center for long and short snaps.
1981 HC - Ken Reid 10 - 1 - 1 USAFE Football Champions at Bitburg AFB Germany.
Upper-Heyford Sky Kings 28 and Bitburg Barons 14
1982 HC - Ken Reid 11 - 1 - 0 USAFE Football Champions at RAF Upper-Heyford England.
Ramstein Rams 6 and Upper-Heyford Sky Kings 34
1983 HC - Herb Harrison 11 - 1 - 0 Runner-up USAFE Football Champs at Ramstein AFB Germany.
Upper-Heyford 13 and Ramstein Rams 20

Ron "Moby" Dick


Rick Walker #36 (
Date:1/28/2018 7:40:02 PM
Subject:Spangdahlem Sheiks 83-86

Looking for any Sheiks that played 83-86 for the Spangdahlem Sheiks. Would be nice to hear fro former team mates. Take Care


william romero 401 st tac %26 612 (Jet Shop) (
Date:1/22/2018 12:42:04 PM
Subject:torrjon raider football

Played for raiders 1976 -79. Played inter squadron ball on wildcats against the green machine played conerback with mike myself %26 mack was safty remember hitting makkey running back big dude i had cast on right hand also remember Xavier dunn who played at ball state then ther was red, rick alverez.we all for played . For coach kirksey we won msc chapionship by beating rota,avion, a team from greece than we pick up players along the way! We lost to ramstine in championship. Game 69 to 0.That team was big %26 fast. Hay coach. Kirsey one time in practice you had shane give mey the bone because I hit (red )the QB lesson learned but next play i hit (dunn) hard. Good times seen team photo I was waring # 50 linbacker good memories thank you Jesus ,coach %26 usaf


Karen Joyce (
Date:1/5/2018 11:34:08 AM
Subject:looking for birth father

My birth father is Arnold Zabusky who played for the London Rockets in 1954. I have a photograph of him in the line-up for the final at Wembly.


Tony fowler (
Date:10/24/2017 11:55:38 AM

Bill played for the LandesToul Tigers as a backup quarterback. He has an all-star jacket from 1956. Any information about Bill would help his VA disability case. Bill s 80 years old and I am his veteran advocate.


Karl M. Campbell (
Date:10/10/2017 4:16:15 AM
Subject:USAFE Football

Father played football for Rhein Main and Ramstein back in the 50's. I know he was a part of the '58 championship team as a center. William R. Campbell He met my Mom who is British playing USAFE Football. Eventually retired out of Alconbury I believe coaching there in I think '75. I have several newspaper article clippings of USAFE football from that timeframe. I followed my father into the Air Force from 1989 - 2015, but played the other style of football, soccer. Loved being stationed in Europe!


John Neal (
Date:9/27/2017 7:53:48 AM
Subject:Bitburg AFB 36 th FW 22rd FDS

Played football for

Bitburg Barons football team from 1955-1957


Steven Neal (
Date:8/27/2017 5:23:44 PM
Subject:USAFE Football

TEAM: Spangdahlem Sheiks position: RB and WR played last 3 games in 1976 all of 1977, 1978 jersey number 25
I too was fortunate enough to play for a great coach named Walter C. Hunter (Army) along with his coaching staff for that 1978 team. I had awesome teammates. We had great support from the Wing Commander, the team's families and the rest of the base. Our team gave Bitburg their only loss that year.I also played 3rd base on the 1978 USAFE Slow Pitch Softball Championship team.


Howard Stover (
Date:8/17/2017 10:08:27 AM
Subject:Lakenheath Eagles

Played from 1977 to 1979


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