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Greg Novak (
Date:4/2/2017 9:12:24 AM
Subject:Phantom Phootball

I played '68-71...2 UK championships...2 USAFE championships...Whopped Army championship team on Thanksgiving Day @ Frankfurt Rhein-Mein in 68 or 69...Great times...Great guys...


Darell keith (
Date:3/26/2017 10:48:26 AM
Subject:Game Film from 1991 does one have it

I played in 1992 Army guy number 45 strong Safety hello Teddy. Our record 8-6


Maurice Neal (
Date:3/24/2017 9:28:51 PM
Subject:I Played Football At Zweibrucken AB and Sembach AB

I played football at Zweibrucken, 1972 and Sembach AB, 1974 and 75. I would love to hear from anybody from that time. I was stationed in West Germany from 1971-1980. I was also stationed at Mildenhall AB, England from 1980-1984. The top teams from the CSC were Bitburg,Rhein-Main and Wiesbaden from 1971-80. The top teams in The UK Conference were Alconbury, Bentwaters and Upper Heyford.

Ramstein and Lakenheath later on became champions from 1978-80. Upper Heyford,Bitburg,Rhein-Main,Bentwaters, Wiesbaden were the champions from the 70's-1980s.


Robert Causey (
Date:3/3/2017 7:31:13 PM
Subject:Hopefully a new and improved web site

I'm working on converting the web site to another (newer/better) web editor program. There are bound to be growing pains. This is a test to verify the guestbook is not one of them.


Theodore "Bear" Domnick. 1st and 32nd squadrons (
Date:2/6/2017 2:46:42 PM
Subject:RAF Alconbury 73-75 and Lakenheath 77-78. #74

Had wonderful times


Mike Stinson (
Date:12/30/2016 6:04:41 PM
Subject:77-79 Barons

#14 Played 77-79. Coach was Gene Jackson later killed in F-15 crash in AZ. Chuck Walker, Mike Stovall, Gary Summers, Al Cameron, Rich Lang, and many others. Back to back USAFE Champs. Great times. Where's Al Cameron?


Rod Sheffer (
Date:12/25/2016 6:30:48 PM
Subject:Rhein Main

I was 18 when was stationed at Rheing Main in 1974. Played offensive guard and tackle in 74 and 75. number 74.


Joe Novitsky (
Date:12/14/2016 2:23:17 AM
Subject:Wiesbaden Flyers 1974 Linebacker - Defensive end.

Only loss was to Upper Heyford in Championship game. Most enjoyable year ever playing football.


Charlie Steele (
Date:12/5/2016 6:03:16 PM
Subject:1967 - 1969 Rhein Main Rockets, DE #82; OC #51

I just recently found the Rhein Main facebook page and a posting from an old team mate that has prompted some cherished memories of my 3+ years at Rhein Main, Germany and football. Which led me to this forum. I was 20 when I landed there December 2, 1966. We had good teams; won 2 USAFE Championships and I think one GI Super Bowl. I was in Base Supply/aircraft fuels division. Hello to everyone!!


Richard "Lumpy" Muller (
Date:12/3/2016 6:05:18 PM
Subject:Alconbury Football

Just found this site from my brother Paul "Pfunk" Focht reaching out to my other brothers in arms from Alconbury that have went to battle with me on the field.

"Cause" my brother this is so awesome, never new it was here. Thank YOU!!! Blast from the Past!!! Lumpy Chocoa Richard Muller


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